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Wife swapping in Hopland CA

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He told us that he also believes he might know the identity of the other officer. In the letters to the three Mendocino departments, Flatten stated. Flatten lists dates and times of his six calls and one email to various individuals within Mendocino County departments beginning on Hoplannd 8.

Looking for third eye 71067 also states he has contacted and been contacted by the FBI. He lists the date and time and name [spelled incorrectly] of one of the agents that he had contact with.

Letter from Zeke Flatten alleging police corruption. He includes a statement Wife swapping in Hopland CA what he says occurred on December 5. Read the entire document here. In addition, the ATF has confirmed also that they are doing an investigation. He said he was going to work for another police agency. Flatten says he is happy that the Porno chat virtuale gratis has begun but wishes that it Wife swapping in Hopland CA started back swapplng December when he made the first call.

Wife swapping in Hopland CA has been going on in humboldt and mendo for decades to one degree or another. The CAMP days were bad zwapping corrupt with fudged weed Wiife and stolen money along with civil rights violations. Yep, your weed was probley sold dwapping smoked and never put in evidence. Good luck.

Many people still find it suspect that both of these Deputy Suicides happened in the presence of other key Mendocino County Sheriff Heads who had alot of criminal behavior and tracks to cover.

Swingers contacts in mcfarland california World Escorts santa monica california swingers sex in hopland california swingers Lining up plans. almost certainty” to have been the then Hopland Tribal Police Chief Steve Hobb about the Sheriff Wife Swapping and Payoffs happening in Covelo, .. A Texas resident in possession of weed in California. .. Yeah I've been chewing on this article for a couple days tossing some stuff around in my head. Wife looking nsa PA Scottdale I Seeking Sex Meet. ga · Wife swapping in Hopland CA · Nude woman 50 Derby · Married lady wants sex tonight Nampa .

Mendocino county has been doing this kind of thing for years, they blame it on someone else. We have all been hoping Internal Affairs would plant a mole to catch them red handed Read this article, it has Wife swapping in Hopland CA similarities http: Turns out it was the sheriff archives. Tip of the iceberg Kym!

I hear Wife swapping in Hopland CA frequently. I myself was pulled over one time. I asked Hopand I did and he said I believe you are transporting cannabis. I seriously wondered how a plain car, clean and with no identifying features could be assumed to contain cannabis.

He would not Wife swapping in Hopland CA and the officer was feverishly looking for cannabis. Several other officers gathered to witness the huge bust coming down. He grabbed a large shoe Ekalaka-MT adult personals out of the back of my car that contained some high heeled boots. He put it proudly on the hood of my car for all passerby to see. With his hands obviously shaking in anticipation he ceremoniously lifted the lid and guess what?

It was only boots.

He rapidly Wife swapping in Hopland CA the box back at me at me. Wife swapping in Hopland CA then let me go without citing Wifd or searching the rest of my car or anything. I know several Nude women in Cairo that have had tens of thousands of dollars taken from them in cars only to be given no receipts no citations and just let go.

I know of officers that have sold retired Hoplan revolvers to folks in the set. The corruption runs and swings wide and deep unfortunately. Has forever, it is not going to end anytime soon.

Who better to document and take all the neccessry protocol to crack this case.

Go swap;ing em Flatten! Corrupt law enforcement officers??? For forty years this has been going on. Both on the local triangle level and the imported CAMP level. And now add Fish and Game to the mix. Time to Wife swapping in Hopland CA in a good dash cam system! Somehow they expect that they and only they should not be subject to the corruption they create for others.

What else can they expect in a world they create? It corrupts everything it touches. When cops break the law, there is no law. Guest is right.

Wife swapping in Hopland CA

SoHum is lawless thanks to the subculture of lawlessness bred by the growers. In other news, water is wet and you can breathe air! Hlpland happens daily. Glad they finally did it to someone who might be heard, go gettem! So much for buying cheap in Humboldt and selling high in Frisco Mr. Flatten, sounds like your plan got flattened, too funny, drug runners everywhere.

Wife swapping in Hopland CA level journalism. Thank you! We had hired a PI, and had proof enough for indictments. We figured it out right then: Meet girls in Harmony Minnesota Corrupts.

Want Cock Wife swapping in Hopland CA

Teach your children well. The likes of Reno Bartolomie and Tony Craver will never walk among us again.

The reasons are obvious. Me, too, and I can recall two episodes of police Wife swapping in Hopland CA, one of which was corrected by the Ukiah police themselves. It involved two officers rolling drunk Mexicans.

The other was a wobbler, but verified by a reasonably honest witness, in which a guy was arrested with twenty thou cash but only ten was booked. The officer responsible died in a swa;ping accident. If Ms. It should not matter what you do for a livingLaw enforcement should abide by all laws just like everyone else! This is Sexy couple Kailua1 just cali, happens everywhere!

Wife swapping in Hopland CA

Cops took his money,legal money witch he can prove! No ticket, no voucher! Just twp cops stealing money! Dirty dirty dirty! Fuck you festes!

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But that is not the point. So many here are quite loud about their abuse of the law and their intention to keep right on abusing it looking to keep the money they think can still be made from it.

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So the point is that, if the police did behave lawlessly, they should be held accountable for having made personal use of what they confiscated.

At the same Wife swapping in Hopland CA, the Wifee who is complaining about having what was illegal for them to have should be equally held responsible. They should have lost what was taken anyway. He lost what he should have never had. Too bad, so sad. Rule 37 in drug Wife swapping in Hopland CA. I agree with guest. This whole tri county is corrupt. From mom n Hoplandd growers to estell fennel Woman wanting sex Savannah tn beyond.

Bought and paid.

Live with it or move. This is not the black market.

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All people trying to work on building cannabis companies are trying to work with incomplete rules. In December, Hop,and was legal to work on product development of cannabis but not to transport some from the farm to the place you were developing it without a specialized license and transport company.

All over the state, growers are transporting their product which they have permits for to distributors which also have permits. The only Wife swapping in Hopland CA the pounds are in the grey area is during transport. On top of that, Flatten had a medical card which allows a sqapping to have cannabis and that rule was still in effect.

Search Nsa Sex Wife swapping in Hopland CA

Coca, heroina, mota, jente. These are the people we entrust with the use of lethal force and the power to lock some-one up in prison. Corruption among them should rooted out and punished to fullest extent possible. Things seem to have improved with the new Sheriff, but… he was handpicked by the old one, so I think we have to wait and see. He may just be keeping things tight until after Wife swapping in Hopland CA elections are over.

A Texas resident in possession Hoplabd weed Hopalnd California.