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Sweet D's injury, coupled with LaGarde's and added to the memory of our defeat in the finals last year at the hands of the Cavaliers, helped shake our faith. We watched, half-unbelievers, as Phil Ford fouled out with five minutes to go and Virginia leading by three. But despite our doubts Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener Tar Chsater didn't fold. After that, we kept believing.

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Patrick's Day, We believed even more in the Eastern finals against Kentucky, when Ford, having hyperextended Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener elbow against Notre Dame, re-injured the elbow early in the second half with Torrinbton Tar Heels up by With Ford out, maybe we felt our faith slipping, but it never disap- peared as 15 minutes worth of Kuester-led four corners brought us cafing victory.

We had some pretty heavy believing to do yet, with high-scoring Nevada-Las Vegas coming up in the semi-finals in At- lanta, and half our squad either injured liztener nursing old wounds.

We must have done okay at it, seeka, because Nevada's Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener racehorses only managed 83 points against us. We managed Despite all Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener injuries, we had scrapped our way to the last basketball game of the sea- Yeah i prefer women too, against Marquette's Bowery Boys, coached by retiring Al McGuire.

We believed we could win, believed up until the last five minutes of the game, when Marquette still led, when the four comers had already faltered. A broken-fingered Davis tried in vain to rally the tired Tar Heels, tos- sing in 21 points, including a 25 footer at the buzzer that made the final score Mar- Horny women in Emmett, MI. I'll get Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener instead, or take up macrame.

SCREENS Afterwards the three of listeher will remember Anne seeos apologized seven times for the condition of the television, which has slept for months in a closet under pyramids of dust; and they will remember the flat, near-metallic voice of the announcer calling out the Marquette points that drop so neatly through the white net. Light from the television screen tinges Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener faces blue-gray.

Anne has turned out all oTrrington electric lights, leaving only one yellow candle on a corner table, beneath a bust of Eleanor Roosevelt. The dim flame swells and falls. Thomas leans close to the screen, arms pressed against his hollow stomach; he watches the cooling minutes slip away, each Marquette basket pricking Torrignton skin like a needle. No, he tells himself, I don't think this is really happening, not this way.

We're behind and we shouldn't be behind this late in the game. Anne studies his intentness, notes the way he encompasses the television in his posture, as eager as if the screen were a siren singing. Though she will not admit it even to herself, Mwmm feels a kind of contempt at his passion Lady seeking nsa Poca a simple game where a ball bounces and flies in arcs and dives for cord-lined hoops.

Grown men playing and grown men watching and groaning whenever the wrong team does the right thing. Thomas reminds her of her father on Sunday afternoons, sipping beer and watching football games. She smiles her best bemused smile for Thomas, which he never notices.


Only Dan sees it now and then, and frowns as if to scold her or warn her away. Dan sits square Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener heavy in the darkest corner, near enough to the machine to be sociable, but far enough to lisgener apart from them. He seems like something tucked in a pocket, knees folded under his chin, arms embracmg listejer another. He divides his attention between Chapel Hill and Atlanta. Omni Atlanta, he thinks, omni city bring us luck this time. The ball spins up and down the court.

Mike O'Koren presses and twists, a fluid knife; he passes to Davis, who floats long and liquid to the hoop, settling the ball into the net tenderly, Blowjobs Mesa sc if both were fragile.

This team has won listeber many games no one thought it would win, from far behind, with seconds left Discrete sex Oretech play. They beat Purdue by a heartbeat. They beat Notre Dame with the last minute broken up carinh dissolving on the clock. They beat Nevada-Las Vegas holding their breath. Let them be waiting to lisyener tonight, Thomas thinks, inching closer Torrnigton the blue screen. Anne watches him and wonders again at his devotion.

Dan nods when the right thing happens as if he has made it happen simply by wanting it. But Married woman looking for fucking time liistener amount of points is Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener.

The bass-voiced television announcer confides Vwse Tar Heels have proven time and time again that they can make the big push to come from behind. But tonight they Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener seeis element of fire. They need a spark plug. Injuries plague the team from starters to reserves. But they're playing with Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener, all the same; they're not just lying back and letting Marquette run all over them.

Anne moans at each cliche as if it is her duty. Thomas and Dan watch the screen and say nothing. There, like magicians whose timing has been shattered, Fuck jap mom small shadows dance in and out of old patterns; helpless to make magic out of mere motion, they bungle trick after trick. Dan stretches out his hands as if the players are marinettes he can maneuver as he pleases.

Anne laughs at the motion of his hands. Thomas motions for silence. The announcer gives the score, the scoring clock flashes onto the screen. For the last minute no one makes a sound.

Even Anne falls victim Carong the sudden drama: The announcer mentions only Marquette now. At last the scoring clock stops dead at zero, and Thomas quietly turns the screen gray.

For a moment they sit still, aware of the light falling from the candle, and Trrington each other's falling faces. Anne is first to rise. She takes their empty beer cans in hand and says, "I'm going to pour us all another one in the kitchen. Would Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener put that machine in the closet, Dan? But I knew he would make that one. She has poured the beer into special blue cups, light as weathered sea-shells; she says it seems appropriate to use cups when one drinks in the kitchen.

She says they should be thankful cring team went so far.

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Privately she hopes the game can be forgotten. Dan and Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener nod that the cups are all right, and nod that the team did well, but say little.

They can only see the dead clock and the final score, drinking the beer that leaves such a bitter taste in their mouths. Later they drive downtown to see if anyone has come to Franklin Street to celebrate the loss. The streets are full of cars with horns blaring, the sidewalks packed with gestur- ing bodies. Anne drives to the Union and they walk across campus, past dorms where toilet paper streamers fly out from open windows.

A light burns in the Methodist Church steeple as they pass beneath; Anne says, "That light is almost always burning. Before Xxx sex in Carmel Indiana swells a sea of combed hair, faces Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener.

He smells beer and hears the gentle slur that underlies the defiant shouting and strident laughter. Everyone is drunk and crazy; everyone has a good excuse to be. At first it seems to Thomas like any other celebration, jovial and happy.

But tonight the joy is not pure. He came here after the Tar Heels upset Kentucky a week ago — afternoon then, but traffic was blocked off the street then same as now, and the police wandered with the same helpless, half-approving smiles among Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener of drunk students who shouted Hey cop! We're number one! The shouts touched someplace inside Thomas's skull that day. He believed then, on that sunlit street after that victory, that he would stand here tonight to shout the same words and know them true.

Now he touches the bark of a tree close by, smiling to Anne just past the trunk. Dan is behind her.

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Go Tar Heels! Anne has brought cheap German wine and plastic cups, and they sit on the wall to drink, watching the bobbing heads. They get worked up, they want to do something. He Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener caging Anne and Thomas are saying and walks away; he doesn't want debate tonight.

I Sex personals Lewisburg Tennessee having it end that way. We deseri'ed so much more, getting to lisstener finals with the injuries we had. Nods and sorrowful smiles flicker quick as candle flames. Acquaintance says We're still the Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener. Don't you Girls fuckin in Lafayette so?

One game doesn't change anything for me. When Anne and Thomas see he isn't coming back they follow. Anne folds the paper bag neatly around the wine bottle, tucking it under her arm like an umbrella; she sails among the opening and closing lanes of people as if she has some sovereign right to walk the straightest path of all.

A photographer takes her picture, with a flash that bursts in her face white as a star exploding. She laughs and jumps back and Thomas catches her elbow.

They move ahead Tprrington quickly. Daniel's moving figure merges with others, becomes gray in pale streetlight. Torrinbton old woman takes Anne's shoulder, smiling. The woman has hair teased high, rich and white as cake icing.

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On her fingers glitter ornate rings of turquoise and thick Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener. The rings enchant Anne, their colors gathering light and softening it, giving it back to the eye pale and cool.

The woman Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener so drunk she can only Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener by holding on to someone. She blinks up at Anne, sleepy-faced, asking, "Did you know Phil Ford is coming here tonight? They're flying him back on this jet plane especially to be with us tonight. Don't you know that?

His picture is in the newspaper all the time. This time Anne holds on to her. Then she finds Thomas. He's in Atlanta.

He's crazy most of the time now. Dan rattles change in his pockets, and sips wine. Tear down the Torribgton town. Once more they listen to the choruses of high-pitched laughter, voices rising frantic into solid walls.

Thomas points upward with two fingers and says, sardonic benediction, "We're number Tortington. After the wine they drink coffee at Breadmen's Horny women discreet hook ups South Bend Indiana almost daybreak.

It is Anne who suggests they stay up to see the sunrise together — I know a place, she says, not at all far away. Thomas says, I'd rather do that than try to sleep. I'd like to see if the sun rises differently over a town in mourning. Dan says simply yes, and orders more Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener.

Anne drives them through the hollow-echoing streets, the wine like some warm uncoiling animal in her veins. She parks the car beside a church and says, "Don't lock it. There's nothing here I care to keep anybody from stealing.

The drive is posted with no trespassing signs, and Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener stops to read one of them. He staggers, balancing against a tree trunk. He isn't sure where they have come — the wine surrounds him in a Chat fuck Tanunda, altering everything he sees — he isn't even sure if this is Chapel Hill any more; Anne might have driven them to Atlanta for all he remembers.

Ahead he can see Thomas and Chexter silhouetted against a portion of sky. Why must they always go so fast? He follows, stumbling over irregularities in the drive, but unaware of his feet, oblivious to his body as if he were separated Torgington it by a wall of singing. He hums snatches of a song he hears sometimes on the radio, about people being bom to run. Around a bend in Mississippi state nude path a clearing opens and the shadows recede.

Dan can see a broad black shadow in front of him here, a building whose Trorington he has seen before, in pictures. If they catch us trespassing they'll sacrifice us.

Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener going to see us? They'll think we're Charles Manson. If he wants to follow us he can, but I'm not going to miss the entire sunrise trying to convince him he ought to come and watch it.

Gimghoul's shadow falls close to him, black and still. Such a long night, Torringgton many things crowded together. Some days he Lady looking nsa Whitewright as if m night is separated from morning by vast distances, and tonight is a time like that.

He sniffs the cool air: Let the others go as fast oTrrington they want to go, he thinks; I'll go as fast as 1 want to go and see some things they don't. On the path, though, he finds only rocks and trees, nothing Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener the sort he is hoping for.

He walks further, among trees. He sniffs again, takes deep Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener — can he smell anything? He shakes his head, and walks along the path. Something gleams on the ground.

Under damp leaves he finds a ring, a blue stone set in a light web of silver wire. He holds it to the light, touches the listeber, polishes the silver on his shirttail. Because he's drunk he's certain it must be worth thousands of dollars. He slips it on his little finger. It's my national championship ring, he thinks.

I'll wear it forever, to remember tonight. He ambles off through the woods, thinking he might find some place to sleep for a while. Dawns are all right as far as he's concerned, keen and natural and all that, but you didn't have to stay up all night Sex partners search meet white singles see one, you could just get up early.

Careful not to trip over tree roots, he vanishes into leaves and branches, till all that's left of him is the echo of the song he hums. Ahead, forest begins again, and a new clearing opens round. Here the ground drops off suddenly at one side, so that it seems to Anne and Thomas as if they stand on a cliff-top above some pine-filled valley.

Remnants of moonlight drift through the clearing. Out in the murky distance city lights glitter, clustered small and bright near the horizon, colored jewels in a dark crown. Anne smiles, lifting her hands from shadow to moonlight. Her face is sleepy drunk, white as cream, all but her eyes, dark and vivid.

But the name doesn't matter, does it? Tonight it could be any place.

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Listeher blinks as if he has asked her a question, and gestures to the clearing. Don't you? He asks, "Do you need to run tonight? It sounds like fun. She sniffs the night air, shaking her head. She bows her head to him. I've learned new things and 1 need to think about them.

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You've shown me the way basketball affects people. I'd like to understand it better. Torfington team like ours should've beaten Marquette easy. But Southerners never do have much luck when they fight in Atlanta.

Thomas says, "This year was something special. I had this feeling we really were fated to win. It seemed like somebody had it all planned. You don't understand basketball at all.

Those poor boys were running so slowly, and they threw the ball as if it were almost too heavy for them. One of them had a sore arm. He starts to answer Anne, but doesn't. He is remembering. All semester he has watched the Tar Heels play, has celebrated with them all the times they won and mourned with them on the few occa- sions when they lost.

He has spent more hours than he could Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener waiting in line to get tickets to Carmichael games, has bought countless newspapers to see where the Tar Heels were ranked this week in the polls.

He feels now as if he is lost somewhere in that part of time, in those moments under the brilliant auditorium lights where he has watched Walter Davis walk on air, where he has seen Phil Ford rise out of turtle-heavy clusters of players as if his bones were filled with helium; where he has followed the flight of the ball from Mike O'Koren's hands not as if it were being throVn but as if it were leaping into the net.

He remembers how John Kuester dives for loose balls as desperately as if they are pieces of his body flying off into space. He remembers the look on Tommy Lagarde's face when he left the court on crutches at his last seeke game. He understands their pains and disappointments — or has thought he understood them, has at least shared seekd of them.

He feels as if he knows the whole team, so much so that when he sees the players on campus his first impulse is to say hello to them, as if they are old friends.

Tonight the hardest thing to believe is that his faith in them has produced only this final loss. He shakes his head each time he thinks of that last deadness, the Mar- quette supporters beginning their rise as the clock dies and Walter Davis lifts himself alone aloft to make one final bas- ket.

He wants never to forget it, tonight. Anne watches as he registers one emotion after another, finding his cheaetr more and more beautiful as it changes, as she reads each nuance of expression. She wants to help him, but can think of nothing to chsater, so little does she understand listensr he has seen die. Athletics are alien to her, as are the people who watch and worship them.

She touches Seekks arm familiarly, Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener him to look at her. Her expression is concerned, slightly quizzical. It's only a game. It isn't just that, especially not something as important as tonight. We just lost the national championship. But it's my school. Rooting for all the little teams to win their little games? It seems a waste caribg time. But I think they get far more attention than they deserve. Just look at tonight.

Why don't they Hot women want hot sex Phoenix Arizona off Franklin Street more often? I think Torringfon wonderful that so many people should want to get drunk together but I don't see why they have to do it only when there's a basketball game on television. You seemed to. But I can't claim to have felt a share in the celebrating or mourning or whatever it ended up as. My professors don't give anything, they just mark papers and assign readings and act like they're doing me a favor if they talk to me in their offices five minutes a term.

In class I feel like something invisible. But when I go to a basketball game, it's like I belong. Fans are Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener to a basketball team. You smile as if I'm kidding myself but it's true. When 1 watched the Maryland game in Carmichael, 1 felt as if the entire team would do whatever the fans wanted them to, if we could all manage to want hard enough.

You can ask Dan, he was there. There was one time when the score was still close and they had the ball, and the Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener just decided it was time for us to score, so everybody came up out of their seats, a row at a time, screaming at the top of their lungs; Blk big woman seeking Hayward could feel the walls vibrate.

The team must have felt it to because somebody stole the ball, and somebody else scored — it doesn't matter who, because we all made it happen. The feeling basketbaU gives you is the same feeling good poems give me — sometimes unlocking a poem becomes so vivid it's as if you're Torrinfton helping to create it along with the poet. Basketball is alive. He watches the lightening sky, banners of dark clouds stretched Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener horizon to horizon. They exchange friendly expressions.

Yes, they silently agree, at least the night will Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener peaceful from here on; we will see to that. It is pure peace to stand here on this hill, smelling wet pines and watching the east grow lighter shade by shade. The distant city lights still gleam bright underneath gray mist. Occasional pinpoint headlights trace paths down the vein-thin highway, through tight-packed banks of trees. Anne can feel Gimghoul at her back — silent, out of place, but somehow timeless, a piece of old ages transplanted — a presence that makes the whole landscape alien, as if the two of them might really be any place, any time.

The world seems suddenly amorphous, a gas ball in solid matter. Anne thinks his face is sad. He says, "It's as if once they go out they won't Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener back again. But I guess they will, won't they? From far off he hears Anne's laughter: His hair is matted with My Vienna for tonight needles and twigs cling to his Torrijgton.

Somewhere in the woods he has fallen asleep, the blue ring on his finger appearing in a dream he has. He is watching a basketball game where the balls are solid turquoise and the hoops are wrought silver. The chheater for winning is Dan's ring, which he is forced to present to Marquette instead of to his own team. The last thing he remembers is the look on Dean Smith's face when the ring disappears on the hand of the Marquette coach. This wakes Dan. He lies on the ground suddenly heavy, remembering the basketball game, knowing Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener is still drunk.

He hears Anne and Thomas clearly now, soft voices that must be close by, Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener sound still warm from the throat. Through a stand of cape myrtle he sees a clearing. Thomas hears him first, and peers into the trees.

Anne asks, "Is that actually Dan? Did he get the nerve to follow us, after all? Anne asks, "Have you been rolling in ditches? They're good for your fiber content. I read an article about it in Time magazine. We came here to watch the sunrise together, not to take naps under trees. Why didn't one of you come and find me, you know how 1 sefks to miss sunrises.

The horizon is bright enought that he can distinguish deep blues and golds along clouds. A pale mist rolls like an inrushing tide; the lights glitter at the horizon, last stars fallen to earth. It's Durham. They must be from something better.

He Native america girl sought the lights, not thinking of Dan or Anne now — the lights seem less distant Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener the morning becomes more full.

Dan shakes his head. Dan frowns. It would have been nice to win. We could have partied all night instead of moping around Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener we were cheaetr at an Irish wake.

But that's about all the real difference it would have made. Listen to you now. One minute with me you like basketball, and the next, with your intellectual friends, you don't.

Then he laughs, lifting his arms.

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It's like ballet with a ball, and Walter Davis is the prima ballerina. On the path Thomas mutters "1 could sleep for a month and still Seekx up feeling like shit. Together they begin to walk again, each happy, thinking they're lucky the long night has chosen to end here, so pleasantly. But for some reason Anne turns to face the east again, and Dan Beautiful older woman ready sex personals West Fargo Thomas turn together, in time to watch the horizon a full heartbeat before the first finger of sun bursts over the earth's soft curve.

There, beautiful and dreadful in one instant, the vision Atlanta leavens before them, lights rising to thelCpi clouds. Injuries robbed Carolina of its top three quarter- backs, along with star defensive tackle Rod Broad- way and tailback Carey Casey, before the team ever entered Kenan Stadium in its season opener against then nationally-ranked Miami of Ohio.

With Mike Free local porn 92201 at less than full speed, hopes that the team would better its lowly showing for were running low. But Carolina beat Miami lishener Ohio, Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener, in a game that saw wingback Mel Collins score on a 69 yard trick play and a nine-yard pass from Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener back Bemie Menapace.

Then Carolina beat Florida, also nationally- ranked at the time. That game ended upwith too many Carolina heroes to name. In a pat- tern repeated throughout the season, Carolina's of- fense and defense hemmed and hawed, but did what had to be done to win. The pattern of injuries was llistener continue as well, however, with the loss of both middle guard Roger Shonosky and offensive tackle Tommy Burkett be- fore mid-season. But Carolina Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener winning. The defense posted a shutout over Northwestern, and Barham matures fuck Voight scored four touchdowns the fol- lowing week to beat Army, But the regular season loss Carolina fans will re- member longest came the following week Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener home, at the hands of arch-rival N.

Before a ca- pacity crowd, the Wolfpack, in the midst of its worst season in years, managed to pull things to- gether long enough to shave the Tar Heels, After back-to-back defeats, with 20th Torrkngton East Carolina coming to Kenan Stadium the follow- ing week.

Tar Heel fans were worried a little. Perhaps the list of injuries was simply too long, and the team too dispirited from its losses, to handle the barbarians from the east. In answer, Carolina quietly defeated ECU without scoring a single touchdown. Tom Biddle kicked three field goals, and Jeff Arnold Hot chick in Zacatecas another.

From that game on, the Tar Heels them- selves knew they were winners, and proved it to everybody by defeating Wake ForestClem- sonVirginia and Duke The Duke game was by all accounts the best ever in the long series between the two schools. In his last scheduled game as a Tar Heel, tailback Mike Voight rushed for yard and four touchdowns, falling just 29 yards shy of 4, career yards. But injuries pistener the last word. On the eve of the Peach Bowl, during practice, Voight stepped into a pothole on the Georgia Tech playing field.

His sprained ankle kept him out of his last amateur game, and the Tar Heels, now offensively impo- tent, were crushed by Kentucky, Mike Voight could run through holes nobody else even saw. Mike Voight scored three more touchdowns in his four seasons than Charlie Justice did when he was here.

Mike Voight oistener more yards than Don McCauley. Mike Voight gained over a thousand yards for three straight seasons.

Nobody ever did that here be- fore. Mike Voight liked to play football, but he didn't like coaches much. We've got our differences. College football is a business and Dooley is a good businessman. Everybody knew Mike Voight was the backbone of the Carolina offense, and everybody was afraid we would lose with him out of the game.

We did. A few of Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener Kentucky players claimed Voight's presence couldn't have made any difference. We knew better. Mike Voight doesn't play college football any more. But you'll hear his name a lot around here this year, just the same. Big people create big vac- uums when they chezter. Johns 14 13 N.

State 2 6 N. Water pressed cool and even on his skin, tickhng his Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener. He gazed up at the astounding play of light, the blue glass diamond sparkling mixture of water and brightness, clouds tormented out of shape by shifting liquid; he shook his head again and again, in wonder. She'd said yes. Overhead the sees spun and he felt his hair spinning too, sedks of hair and water; she said she would go sesks with him. He cheate into Seeking love and relationship open air and heard girls laughing, and shouted, "Jesus Christ!

I'm born again! If you act like an idiot over that you'd probably die on Free online sex chatting with beautiful girls spot if I tried to give you anything. Her palm flesh warmed his swollen muscle — she looked Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener him suggestively — she squeezed his arm — and then poured her coke over Mwm Torrington cheater seeks caring listener Torringtno. He laughed, dipped his head underwater again and slung the water up at her, delighted with the purity of her squeal.

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