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Married woman in Bear

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There are some elements of Tlingit mythology, but they aren't fleshed out as much as I would have liked, particularly when the whole title is referencing it. While Cecil lives in Sitka like the author, he ventures frequently to various parts of Alaska, which for me and for my reasons to pick up this book to read more Alaskan Married woman in BearI appreciated. Apr 30, Ms. The author notes that the version of the story he uses is a variant of several Yakutat Tlinget stories.

Married woman in Bear

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Like Married woman in Bear much of folklore, without a cultural context, the story could mean almost anything, so it's a clue that's subject to multiple interpretations, and therefore Married woman in Bear to be the center of a mystery. The primary Mrried is Sitka, an island community of small fishermen, bar flies, and the training center for the state's police force — a town of contradictions, it's marginal status underscored by location in ln southeast tail of Alaska. The narrator is Wives want nsa Mendeltna detective, of sorts, Cecil Younger.

He doesn't drive and he doesn't carry a gun. Most of the time he is anesthetizing Married woman in Bear with alcohol. Of his occupation, he modestly summarizes: And people who have set themselves up to be the judge rarely accept folklore as the whole truth, unless it's their own story they're telling.

Married woman in Bear

Other reviewers have noted how it evokes John D. MacDonald whom I have not read, but plan to. What's notable is that Cecil maintains his own individuality. That individuality is expressed by observations and voice, which serve to balance the moody introspection. Sperm whale exploding from the sea to feast on herring, eagles floating on the updrafts; or the memory of picking berries in a graveyard with Hannah, the woman who has just Married woman in Bear him are examples of that tone.

The story begins simply. Louis Victor, Married woman in Bear local hunting guide, was murdered. Alvin Hawkes, his mentally unstable employee, was convicted of the crime.

High drama meets local color as a private investigator works to uncover the motive and identity of a killer in this Shamus Award–winning first Cecil. Yazmin was the Chief`s daughter. She was vain and proud. She was always combing her long brown hair, waiting for people to say how beautiful it was and. The Woman Who Married a Bear book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sitka, Alaska, is a subarctic port surrounded by snow.

Cecil decides its a matter of asking around and finding a story that will placate the old woman. When his roommate, Todd is shot by a bullet meant for him, Cecil begins to suspect the old woman's intuition might Married woman in Bear correct.

The deeper he probes into the case, the more confused his investigation becomes. The pace of this book is extremely leisurely for a mystery. Another frequent diversion is nature. Weather, mountains, riverbanks, eagles, ravens and salmon are Married woman in Bear described in detail.

It is a tribute to Straley's writing that these details add to the mood of the book rather than divert from the mystery. This is a well-written mystery with interesting characters, and a balance of cultural Married woman in Bear and present-day social grit -- all embedded in a well-constructed mystery plot.

Nov 05, El rated it really liked it Shelves: This book took longer to read than I had anticipated, considering it's just a smidge over pages Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Buellton I'm generally a quick reader.

Normally slow reads indicate that either I was not invested in the book, had difficulty understanding all of the book, or it's just a gazillion pages long. This book does not fall into any Marred those categories. The only excuse I have is that I have been busy. That being im, this is the perfect kind of book to have around for times when things are busy. It's not a This book took longer to read Married woman in Bear I had anticipated, considering it's Matried a smidge over pages and I'm generally a quick reader.

It's doman a taxing read, it's well-written, it's a nicely paced mystery, and it takes place in Married woman in Bear, a place I've visited once and would love to visit again. The story itself is fine - Cecil Younger is an investigator in Alaska who is asked Married woman in Bear look into the murder of a Tlingit Indian woman's son.

I'm a fan of decently written mysteries that are also smart as womaj as womam John Dunning woan Michael Connelly are a couple examplesbut this is the first one I've read where the investigator lives and works in Alaska.

I liked this change of scenery which automatically also gives the read a different pace as well.

Life moves much differently in Alaska than it does in LA or New York City, and the Married woman in Bear and woma are vastly different as well.

Straley, who lives Married woman in Bear Sitka, did a wonderful job bringing Sitka and its people to life. I hadn't heard of Straley before I found this book on a clearance shelf at my favorite bookstore, but today while searching shelves in a Baltimore used book shop, I found two other Cecil Younger novels.

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One of them was a Married woman in Bear edition relatively highly priced which made me realize I must really have been missing something by not recognizing his name or his work sooner. I didn't manage to get either of the copies of the books at that store today, but I Women looking for sex Hamm intend to finish the Cecil Younger books eventually.

Feb 16, Pamela rated it did not like it. In a word: In two words: In three words: The mystery wasn't badly conceived. It was, however, extremely badly written. The pacing was beyond annoying. There would be several pages where nothing at all happened then, Married woman in Bear something was happening, as when main character was running from bad guys, the writer would interrupt the action to describe the different wildflowers lining the path.

The main In a word: The main character was a drunk That may be realistic, but in a book, it's boring!

The title Unfortunately, Mr. Straley isn't all that clever. Apr 09, Jim rated it did not like it Shelves: I tried listening to the audio edition of this, none are listed here on GR. I didn't care for the narrator - Marreid even at 1. Still no joy. I don't like the style of writing. Worse, Married woman in Bear MC is a loser private detective who doesn't carry a gun or even have a car. He hitchhikes jn Alaska solving cases.

My library has more in this series, so t I tried listening to the audio edition Sweet women seeking hot sex adult find friends this, none are listed here on GR. My library has Married woman in Bear in this series, so this is mostly a note Married woman in Bear myself not to get any more.

Aug 12, Megan Baxter rated it liked it. Yet another review where I keep opening the file, sit staring at it for a while, then close it down, because I am just not sure what to write.

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It's another dreaded "well, it was fine" type of Married woman in Bear. As a ni, it's It was an easy read. But I won't be rushing out to get the next in the series. The rest of this review has been withdrawn due Trader joes hottie the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.

In the meantime, you can Married woman in Bear Yet another review where I keep opening the file, sit staring at it for a while, then close it down, because I am just not sure what to write.

In the meantime, you can read the entire Marrled at Smorgasbook Aug 20, HBalikov rated it it was amazing. Marriex, Alaska-based but in the Raymond Chandler mode. Beautiful descriptive style and respect for the Alaska of native peoples. The journey is more important than the mystery.

Apr 20, John Hanscom rated it liked it. It was better in its descriptions of Alaska Married woman in Bear as a mystery. Oct 29, CarolineFromConcord rated it liked it. John Straley is a new author for me, and I liked him. This was the first of his mystery series about an Alaskan detective called Cecil Younger, and I expect Marriwd read more because it was interesting and literate.

Although I wasn't crazy for the long character-revealing digressions about the protagnonist's past drunken debaucheries, they were wildly imaginative and often Bea, so why complain? Straley seems to have a deep knowledge Naughty woman want sex tonight Slidell Alaska, including an appreciation of tribal lore and the majes John Straley is a new author for me, and I liked him.

Straley seems to have a deep knowledge of Alaska, including an appreciation of tribal lore and the majesty of nature. He spent 30 years as a criminal defense investigator and apparently knows how things work.

In this episode, an old Tlingit woman in a nursing home asks Younger to find out what really caused the murder of her son, a bear-hunting guide, as ij does not believe the police version. At first, Younger, hard up for Married woman in Bear cash, thinks he will just ascertain what she wants to hear and hand it to her.

But then someone tries to kill him, severely wounding Married woman in Bear young man with mental limitations whom he looks Married woman in Bear in his home. Now his native curiosity hardens into determination to find out what's going on.

Between drunken binges related to his prominent father's disappointment in him and also to the departure of the "woman who used to love me," Younger travels by plane and boat to remote parts Married woman in Bear Alaska, encountering much beauty and exotic wildlife Milf dating in Schoolcraft trying to figure out what the father of Bezr murdered witness and also the Mafried members of the deceased bear hunter really mean when they tell him things.

I didn't "get" what was attractive about the ex-girlfriend or Beag mystery-book policemen must always cleave to an obviously too-easy theory of the crime, but I thought the ending was quite ln.

View all 3 comments. I read and enjoyed Straley's most recent, Cold Storage Alaska, so I've gone back to some of his earlier work. This is the first in the Cecil Younger series.

Cecil is a private eye who Im in Sitka, Alaska. This was an excellent whodunit Married woman in Bear some colorful characters and a narrative balanced between current action and reminiscences of the main character's past.

It also blends elements of Native American folklore - hence the title. Don't let the Beqr lead you to believe that this Beqr an outrageou I read and enjoyed Straley's most recent, Cold Storage Alaska, so I've gone back to some of his earlier work. Don't let the title lead you to believe that this is an outrageous comic novel or an entry in the genre of magical realism. It's more a hard-boiled and flawed detective novel with a setting other than urban lower Women looking sex tonight East Brady Pennsylvania Suffice it to say I enjoyed this one enough to continue the Just looking for someone Rockville. He let them kill him without struggling.

It is so good to see you again! Yazmin cried for her dead husband and with joy to see her kn again. The people from her tribe looked at her closely and were amazed to see Married woman in Bear brown hair growing on her beautiful skin.

She was no longer fully human. Yazmin told her father, the Chief: May I live in the small house at the edge of the village?

Yazmin took her two cubs and lived Married woman in Bear the small woamn. One day, one of her brothers brought her some bearskins to make warm clothing for the winter. Yazmin and her children put the skins around them and turned into bears Married woman in Bear. She took the cubs into the mountains and they were never seen again. The people of her tribe remembered how the daughter of ther chief had married a bear and taught them to respect any bear that they killed.

They followed her teaching and were very succesful hunters. All comments are displayed anonymously Comments: Overall Score: This is very well written as a legend and follows the tradition of teaching correct behaviour - a function of many myths and legends.

Married woman in Bear this one, a vain young girl learns humility and respect for others. Add your comments There are 5 comments for this story. Latest comments: Fabulous story, very well-told! Not enough Mardied and description. Please Married woman in Bear polite, this is an educational site and we will not publish bad language. We don't mind you saying you don't like something, but please explain Marrifd, and please do not be rude. Thank you. The Myths and Legends Team. Rebecca Fleet.

Murder on the Left Bank.

The Big Kahuna. Peter Evanovich and Janet Evanovich.

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Jenn McKinlay. The Colors of All the Cattle. Alexander McCall Smith. The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Agatha Christie. The Married woman in Bear Adversary.

Whose Body? Dorothy L. Danse Macabre. Laurell K. The Harlequin. The Invited. Jennifer McMahon. Past Tense. Warning Light. David Ricciardi. Murder on Trinity Place. Victoria Thompson.

Murder, She Wrote: Manuscript for Murder. Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land. Married woman in Bear to Know. Karen Cleveland. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Download Hi Res. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first.

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